March 25, 2015
by feel

A Few things

Did you know that by washing your underarms with a gentle soap will clear off all the deodorant from the day and make it easier for the pores in your armpit to breath while you sleep?

Statistics indicate that most often breast cancer starts near the armpit.  Could it be that reducing the body’s ability to sweat contributes to this situation?  Antipersperants discourage sweating but healthy deodorants control sweat odor and  allow sweating to occur.

There are only a few areas of the body that actively remove toxins naturally.  They are the armpits, behind the knees  and believe it or not behind the ears.

Another thing to consider is that it may not be a good idea to apply deodorant immediately after shaving your underarms.

And we already know that antiperspirant’s discourage sweating, but we need to sweat – we just don’t want to offend.  That’s why we need to read the labels on deodorant products.  Finding non-toxic health and beauty products can be a challenge.

So where do you shop for your health and beauty products?

I recently met a woman who has a kiosk at the Fair Grounds Farmer’s Market called  From the Meadow.  She has organic, locally produced products.   I have found some excellent beauty products there.  So if you are looking for something different to do on a Saturday, you might want to visit this Farmer’s Market.My Newsletter wouldn’t be complete without commenting on Food.  I constantly harp on eating right and reminding you that food is the fuel that runs your body.  Some foods are better for you than others.  For example  Fish Oil is brain food.  Its important to consume fish that is wild caught to avoid agriculture run off and drugs that are used to speed up the birth to market connected with fish farmed products.

Blueberries:  not only do blueberries taste good but they are one of the most potent antioxidant foods available anywhere on our planet.  They support the brain, and function  as an anti-aging food.  They are high in sugar content so you don’t need to eat a lot of them.  I like to add organic blueberries to my smoothie that consists of my milk substitute (because I am lactose intolerant), organic yoghurt and Mannatech’s Glycolean protein powder.  This can be a healthy meal replacement and can be taken with you in a thermos when lunch time is going to be challenge in your busy day.  It takes only a few minutes to prepare your smoothie and your are ready to go.

The Flu”  Many people have talked to me about their experience with this winter’s flu.  I guess they thought I would have suggestions since my husband and I caught it and worked hard to recover from it.  One of the ingredients that I added to our regular supplements was zinc drops because of my inability to consume beef, liver, chicken and many cheeses, that can create a zinc deficiency.  But these are excellent foods to ensure that you are getting sufficient zinc.  Oysters and eggs are also good source.  In fact, the food that is the highest source is the oysters.  Next in line is ground beef and then liver and chicken – all in that order.  All other foods have some zinc but not enough to mention.  These foods include legumes, milk, grains, vegetables and fruit.

Another reason to eat Organic Foods:
Organic raw vegetables are one of the best foods to avoid Alzheimer’s disease.  This is because the antioxidants they contain will help keep the mind sharp.

While we are on the subject of keeping the mind sharp:
The other thing that I am recommending to keep the mind sharp and the body fit is the Ageless Grace body/mind fitness classes that I am now certified to provide.  If you’d like information check my website and click on Blog.

If you are interested in attending a demo of Ageless Grace, please let me know and we will arrange for you to see if its right for you.

If you are interested in purchasing my book Feel Better Tips from A to Z I am selling the printed copy for $15.95 and there is no tax.  Just contact me and let me know how many copies you want.

Until next time,  be fit and most of all happy.

Cindy Knight, RHN. RNCP. ROHP

February 28, 2015
by feel

Looking Back and Looking Forward

organicimageWhile waiting out this winter I looked back at the questions that my readers sent me during the year that were answered in Feel Better Tips and the one I received most often pertained to why we need to spend more money on organic foods.

Many were looking for proof that organic foods are worth the extra cost and many felt that all the “hype” about eating organic was just a money grab.
I recall when I first started buying organic foods my husband said “it doesn’t taste any different… just costs more”. But I kept on buying it anyway because I believed it was better.
I had done the research from a scientific point of view and at that time I was managing a microbiology business at my place of employment, and that got me into many of the food processing locations across Canada while working with the sales reps on our team.
I got to see “first hand” how food was processed, and had the means to research the processes that were necessary to ensure that processed food was free of bacteria and other unhealthy ingredients. I often wondered how the preservatives that were used to prolong shelf life compared with what they were being used to avoid.
Part of my research identified that there are 80,000 – yes that’s 80 thousand chemicals used in food growing, harvesting, processing, and even to prolong shelf life on fresh foods that are harvested while still green in order to provide travel time from country to country and shelf life while in stores.
The jarring fact about these 80,000 is that only a small percentage have been tested for safety and those that have were only tested individually. No testing has been done on how they perform with other ingredients. Only the active ingredients have been tested, but these active ingredients are only a part of the picture.
This pesticide “safe or not safe picture” is about to get even more blurred since the approval of a genetically modified crops containing Dicamba and 2, 4 D. 2, 4D contains ingredients in Agent Orange.
If you are not familiar with the term Agent Orange –just type it in your internet search engine and familiarize yourself with the information there.
We are constantly told that these chemicals used in conventional farming increase yield, but there is now evidence that disputes that. In fact, organic farming can and does produce equal yields and at the same time protects the soil for future use as opposed to the dangers of genetically modified farming that we all know of as conventional farming.
Since I don’t want to be known as only the bearer of bad news, I want to share with you that there are resources you can access to locate healthy, pesticide free foods. For example: Farmers Markets have listings on the internet and there are other listings also: Eat Well Guide lists locations where you can source meat, poultry and eggs that are supplied to stores, restaurants, and can be purchased in the listed stores, or on-line and include locations in both U.S.A. for those of you who winter in the South, or in Canada for those of us who stay here and enjoy what Mother Nature supplies us with during January, February and March.
You can also protect these organic foods by storing them in glass containers as opposed to plastic that could contain BPH.
Have your tap water tested and invest in a water purifier system.
Use natural cleaning products. Vinegar and water and Baking Soda and water work well, and there are several companies who provide safe cleaning products.
The same goes for health and beauty products. Understanding those ingredients that are harmful and avoiding those products that contain them can be done by reading labels and knowing the names of the ingredients you need to avoid.
Avoid using air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners and all other synthetic fragrances including that sexy perfume you received for Christmas. Essential oils are an excellent substitution for perfume that contains chemcials.
Throw away your Teflon non stick pans and replace them with either glass, or stainless steel.
And last but not least avoid DEET. There are suppliers that sell “safe to use” sun screen and insect repellent products.
Now that we have addressed healthy eating and healthy lifestyles you may be interested in foods that are supposed to increase your intelligence.
One of the first and best is fish oil. But you need to be careful which fish oil you use because many are contaminated with mercury and PCBs. In addition to containing Omega-3 that include DHA fish oil is now suspected of being able to reduce inflammation in the brain and provide a protective effect. This is important because our brains are made up of about 60% fat and the important fats are either DHA or arachidonic acid (also known as AA). Like many other foods, fish oils are not all alike, so it’s best to purchase yours from a health food store.
Second in line for brain health are organic raw vegetables. Vegetables, those raw organic ones that you have chosen because they are appropriate for your blood type can provide you with antioxidants that keep your mind sharp.
Avoiding sugar is also necessary for improving your mind and memory, but make sure not to use the sugar substitutes that are dangerous. If you previously received my newsletter entitled “the skinny on sugar” or if you recently purchased my book Feel Better Tips from A to Z, review the section on sugar.
Blueberries not only taste good but they contain potent antioxidants. Some believe, rightly so, that they are the best antioxidant available to us. They work wonders on keeping the brain normal, and even have been shown to reverse some of the aging that occurs normally in the brain.
Make sure that they are organic, especially if you are purchasing them in the U.S. I was shocked to discover that blueberries in the U.S. are on the list of fruits that are exposed to high amounts of pesticides, while the Health Canada list has them on our list of low exposure. The easiest way to solve this situation is to buy certified organic blueberries.
I have been told that wild organic blueberries from Eastern Canada are available in specific stores in the U.S. While wintering in Florida this past winter I wasn’t able to locate any.
Organic vegetables that you juice are a better choice than any of the prepared juices. That’s because they don’t have sugar added. The only sugar in these juices that you make for yourself are natural sugars and will help you keep your sugar levels within reason.
Finally, I’d like to close this newsletter off with a quote from Plato over 2000 years ago: He said that “there is nothing new under the sun and that we have only forgotten that which we know”.
Think about what you already know, and use that information to secure a healthy life for yourself and your loved ones.
At Feel Better Therapies my passion involves helping clients add to their knowledge because information is powerful and applied knowledge is life changing.

September 24, 2014
by feel

Timeless Fitness for the body and mind

AGeless Grace Headiing

If a physician told you that there is an anti-aging prescription for pills that will give you lifelong comfort and ease, and that they will begin to take effect in 10 minutes… excited would you be?……Denise Medved author of The Ageless Grace Playbook and education training course.

“Ageless Grace” is a fitness and wellness program consisting of 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease and is designed for all ages and abilities.

Ageless Grace was designed so that almost anyone of any age, ability and body type, size or with physical challenge can participate and benefit from these simple Tools for lifelong comfort and ease.

The program is designed to be practiced in a chair, but all 21 tools can also be done standing, on the floor, on a bed, behind or near a chair in your home, on your patio or deck……anywhere you feel most comfortable.

Ageless Grace tools are designed to emphasize , joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain co-ordination, bone density, kinesthetic learning, cognitive function, systemic health, balance, fall prevention, self-esteem, confidence and playfulness.

Classes of ½ hour sessions will teach you how to exercise joints, ankles and wrists, knees and elbows, hips and shoulders, fingers and toes, and spine from neck to lower back.

Once you have had a chance to experience the routine that works best for you, 10 minutes a day in your own home will help you to continue to like the way you feel.

Just choose a favourite place to put your chair, play your favourite music and experience “Ageless Grace”

To book your private appointment or to attend a group class contact me at 519-319-0096.

Remember, it’s never too late to begin –  and it’s never too early to start.

Feel Better Therapies helping you protect your most precious possession.

Note: As with any new fitness program it is recommended that you discuss it with your physician to identify any body parts that need special care. 

June 26, 2014
by feel

Our Food Habits


There are a number of factors that influence our health. For example:  obesity is as much a result of how and when we eat as it is of what we eat.  Overeating, eating late at night or eating too many different foods at a meal may weaken digestive functions and make it much easier to gain weight.

Some people eat to live, others live to eat, while some eat when they are happy or sad or lonely.  It’s not unusual for us to eat for emotional reasons.

So how do you know if you are an emotional eater?

The answers to these questions will give you a good idea if you are an emotional eater.  Once you know, you can make a conscious decision to change the way you view food, choose it and eat it.

How to score this Quiz:  For every answer that is frequently give yourself 2 points. For every answer that is occasionally give yourself 1 point and for every answer that is never give yourself 0 points.  Frequently could be every day or several times a day.  Occasionally is likely 1 or 2 times a week.

  1. I munch when I get bored
  2. I like to eat with my friends even if I am not hungry
  3.  I eat so the cook will not be offended
  4. I eat when I get depressed
  5. I eat when I am lonely
  6. I eat when I get anxious about something
  7. There are times when my eating is out of control
  8. I like to nurture other people with food
  9. I will eat my way through a difficult time (divorce, job loss, illness, broken dream)
  10. I eat when I feel my energy go down
  11. I crave some foods
  12. I just like to have something in my mouth
  13. I eat even if I am not hungry
  14. I like to celebrate with food
  15. I think about food a good deal of the time
  16. I have a tendency to binge
  17. I eat to be polite
  18. I am embarrassed sometimes by how much I eat
  19. I eat to relax myself and relieve stress
  20. I get upset if I overeat
  21. I eat because I get angry
  22. I am displeased with my weight, but I overeat anyway
  23. I eat everything that is placed in front of me and always clean my plate, so as not to waste food
  24. I need high levels of sugar in my system
  25. Eating is my main enjoyment in life


Add up all your points.  This is your emotional eating score.

If you scored more than 35 points,  it’s likely that you have serious trouble with emotional eating and regardless of what else is working, you would benefit from getting your emotions under control.

If you scored between 15 and 35, you struggle with emotional eating at times and have room for improvement.

If you scored less than 15, you rarely eat for emotional reasons but beware of those emotional situations that can derail your good intentions.


How did you do?  Are you an emotional eater?  Are you happy with your score?

If we want to maintain a more healthy diet and a more balance life we need to deal with our emotional states in ways other than with food’s moods.


Using hunger as a guide, create a basic diet.  If overweight meals may need to contain less food and calories.  If underweight more calories may be needed.  We can learn to deal with stress and sadness and all of the other emotions creatively and not let them take hold of us and run our lives.


Good health is a choice……protect your most precious possession.