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Did you know that by washing your underarms with a gentle soap will clear off all the deodorant from the day and make it easier for the pores in your armpit to breath while you sleep?

Statistics indicate that most often breast cancer starts near the armpit.  Could it be that reducing the body’s ability to sweat contributes to this situation?  Antipersperants discourage sweating but healthy deodorants control sweat odor and  allow sweating to occur.

There are only a few areas of the body that actively remove toxins naturally.  They are the armpits, behind the knees  and believe it or not behind the ears.

Another thing to consider is that it may not be a good idea to apply deodorant immediately after shaving your underarms.

And we already know that antiperspirant’s discourage sweating, but we need to sweat – we just don’t want to offend.  That’s why we need to read the labels on deodorant products.  Finding non-toxic health and beauty products can be a challenge.

So where do you shop for your health and beauty products?

I recently met a woman who has a kiosk at the Fair Grounds Farmer’s Market called  From the Meadow.  She has organic, locally produced products.   I have found some excellent beauty products there.  So if you are looking for something different to do on a Saturday, you might want to visit this Farmer’s Market.My Newsletter wouldn’t be complete without commenting on Food.  I constantly harp on eating right and reminding you that food is the fuel that runs your body.  Some foods are better for you than others.  For example  Fish Oil is brain food.  Its important to consume fish that is wild caught to avoid agriculture run off and drugs that are used to speed up the birth to market connected with fish farmed products.

Blueberries:  not only do blueberries taste good but they are one of the most potent antioxidant foods available anywhere on our planet.  They support the brain, and function  as an anti-aging food.  They are high in sugar content so you don’t need to eat a lot of them.  I like to add organic blueberries to my smoothie that consists of my milk substitute (because I am lactose intolerant), organic yoghurt and Mannatech’s Glycolean protein powder.  This can be a healthy meal replacement and can be taken with you in a thermos when lunch time is going to be challenge in your busy day.  It takes only a few minutes to prepare your smoothie and your are ready to go.

The Flu”  Many people have talked to me about their experience with this winter’s flu.  I guess they thought I would have suggestions since my husband and I caught it and worked hard to recover from it.  One of the ingredients that I added to our regular supplements was zinc drops because of my inability to consume beef, liver, chicken and many cheeses, that can create a zinc deficiency.  But these are excellent foods to ensure that you are getting sufficient zinc.  Oysters and eggs are also good source.  In fact, the food that is the highest source is the oysters.  Next in line is ground beef and then liver and chicken – all in that order.  All other foods have some zinc but not enough to mention.  These foods include legumes, milk, grains, vegetables and fruit.

Another reason to eat Organic Foods:
Organic raw vegetables are one of the best foods to avoid Alzheimer’s disease.  This is because the antioxidants they contain will help keep the mind sharp.

While we are on the subject of keeping the mind sharp:
The other thing that I am recommending to keep the mind sharp and the body fit is the Ageless Grace body/mind fitness classes that I am now certified to provide.  If you’d like information check my website and click on Blog.

If you are interested in attending a demo of Ageless Grace, please let me know and we will arrange for you to see if its right for you.

If you are interested in purchasing my book Feel Better Tips from A to Z I am selling the printed copy for $15.95 and there is no tax.  Just contact me and let me know how many copies you want.

Until next time,  be fit and most of all happy.

Cindy Knight, RHN. RNCP. ROHP

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