Ageless Grace for Fitness & Wellness


If a physician told you that there is an anti-aging prescription for pills that will give you lifelong comfort and ease, and that they will begin to take effect in 10  minutes… excited would you be?……Denise Medved author of The Ageless Grace Playbook and education training course.

“Ageless Grace” is a fitness and wellness program consisting of 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease and is designed for all ages and abilities.

Ageless Grace was designed so that almost anyone of any age, ability and body type, size or with physical challenge can participate and benefit from these simple Tools for lifelong comfort and ease.

The program is designed to be practiced in a chair, but all 21 tools can also be done standing, on the floor, on a bed, behind or near a chair in your home, on your patio or deck……anywhere you feel most comfortable.

Ageless Grace tools are designed to emphasize , joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain co-ordination, bone density, kinaesthetic learning, cognitive function, systemic health, balance, fall prevention, self-esteem, confidence and playfulness.

Classes of ½ hour sessions will teach you how to exercise joints, ankles and wrists, knees and elbows, hips and shoulders, fingers and toes, and spine from neck to lower back.

Once you have had a chance to experience the routine that works best for you, 10 minutes a day in your own home will help you to continue to like the way you feel.

Just choose a favourite place to put your chair, play your favourite music and experience “Ageless Grace”

Remember, it’s never too late to begin  –  and it’s never too early to start.

Note:  As with any new fitness program it is recommended that you discuss it with your physician to identify any body parts that need special care. 

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