Body Balancing


There are a number of ways to balance the human body.  At Feel Better  Therapies a combination of modalities are combined when body balancing sessions are being provided.  These modalities consist of the following:  Color therapy to balance  the chakras.  Reiki to identifies stressed areas and relieves the stress.  Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) takes it one step further and not only identifies stressed areas but removes the stress and replaces it with   positive emotions that help to reduce pain.  Acupressure is also used to reduce stress throughout the body.  It is applied gently by touching specific areas that are related to symptoms that are the result of stress.

For example: placing the thumb on the wrist under the little finger on each hand can help alleviate insomnia.

If you have had a Shiatsu treatment you will know that your practitioner uses a touching method to balance all parts of the body using any combination of the 360 Accupoints located on meridians all over body.

Each accupoint stimulates and improves the organs along the meridians.

Accupressure is a therapy that clients can do on themselves.  In order for pressure is applied gently nails should be short to avoid scratching.

Acupressure is applied and held between 30 seconds and 1 minute on each site.

It’s important to be relaxed breathing deeply while you are either performing acupressure on yourself or while a practitioner is providing acupressure to you.

The time involved in experiencing the combination of energy therapies is normally 1 to 1/2 hours.

When providing acupressure on yourself it’s more effective if you visualize the body part you are stimulating.

There are some things to remember before beginning to apply acupressure:

Stretch, breathe deeply and relax.

Always do both sides of the body.

Do not do:  Under the influence of heavy drugs or alcohol or if you are feeling weak or fatigued.

Avoid working on large intestine, spleen and urinary bladder when pregnant.

Never apply on cuts, wounds scars bruises or veins.  Work around these sites of injury

Don’t do immediately after eating a large meal.

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