Prevention is the Key to Good Health


Food is the fuel that runs our body. If we put the wrong fuel in our car we would not be able to drive. But we can put the wrong food in our bodies over and over again and our bodies forgive us. Over time that forgiveness is decreased until at some point in time we start experiencing symptoms that tell us we are not well.

Illness starts at our cellular level and migrates to the tissues, organs and
ultimately to organ systems. When this occurs we seek medical assistance and if drugs are prescribed, they silence the symptoms. Unless we have upgraded our food sources, the problems that started at the cellular level are still there.

We know that the cells in our bodies are built from the raw materials we eat. The more suitable our food choices are, the more likely our cell structures can be repaired and/or maintained.

Every person is biochemically unique and it’s important to understand which foods will benefit so those that do not benefit can be eliminated.
This is where nutrition counselling comes in.

Counselling can include recommending food selection and preparation and food supplements to address current deficiencies and also learning about the benefits of a sound nutritional program that will encourage the body to maintain or heal itself.

A Nutrition counselling session will also help design a program specifically for each client taking into consideration such factors as height, weight, age, level of exercise or physical activity, food preferences, sensitivities to specific food.

All of this is done while respecting religious beliefs and common family traditions.

A visit to an R.N.C.P. will be an experience where one will learn to make lifestyle changes that will have long-lasting effects on the quality of life.

As an R.N.C.P. (registered nutrition consulting practitioner, I have met all the requirements so that the following insurance companies recognize the services I provide. The Co-Operators, RWAM Insurance Administrators, Sunlife Insurance, Johnson Insurance recognize those of us who are registered with so that clients who have nutrition counselling coverage will be able to submit their receipt for reimbursement.

There are also many individual plans that provide coverage so it’s advisable to check with your insurance company prior to making your nutrition counselling appointment.

Cindy Knight, RHN, RNCP, ROHP can be reached at 519-319-0096 or by email addressed to

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