Reflexology & Colour

It’s a fact that every organ, gland and body part have reflexes in the feet, hands, ears and even the face.

Foot reflexology has been popular for many because of how relaxing it is to sit back and have your feet massaged.

Hand reflexology while not as popular provides the same benefits without the heavy pressure that is required for foot reflexology because all of the reflexes that are in the feet are also in the hands.

Pressure on these reflexes has the benefit of relaxing the body, bringing about balance throughout the body to help reduce pain in various body parts.  Massaging the hands helps the body to relax and create a feeling of peace and renewed energy.

After all the reflexes in the hands have been massaged, colour therapy is applied using a special light wand.  Each of the colours used support separate body areas and chakras (energy systems).

Face Reflexology shares the same principles as  hand and foot reflexology and is based on Chinese Medicine.  Benefits include relief of tension in the face, neck, shoulders and helps to relax the entire body.

At Feel Better Therapies Circle of Wellness face reflexology is used to provide additional support for those body areas that showed tension or stress when hands were being massaged during hand reflexology.

All three modalities work well together and compensate each other in a way that doing each of these modalities at separate times would not be able to accomplish

Hand/Face reflexology  with Colour…$50