At Feel Better Therapies, we focus on stress management and nutrition, using time-honoured relaxation techniques and nutrition recommendations from credible scientific sources.

All therapies work independently or can be combined, and complement other therapies and main-stream medicine.

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Ageless Grace Body/Mind Fitness Classes $40 per class instructor cost
Detoxifying Foot Bath

$50.00  Office 

$55.00  London House Calls 

$60.00  Out of Town House Calls

Magnetic Energy Therapy $1.00 per minute on the mat
Nutrition Consultation
$275.00 (3 sessions)
Nutrition Consultation – Follow up sessions $75.00  (per hour)
Nutrition Consultation  (Family Session) $400.00 (3 sessions) for 2 people in same
Hand/Face Reflexology with colour  $50.00